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Senior Citizens and the Internet

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Features for Senior Citizens

Older Adults Using the Internet are More Likely to Engage in Cancer Prevention Behavior

One exception: no association between internet use and participation in breast cancer screening

Oct. 22, 2013 - Congratulations to you readers of A new study finds that men and women who use the internet – that is you – are more likely to participate in screening for colorectal cancer, participate in physical activities, eat healthily, and smoke less, compared with those who do not use the internet. Read more...

Senior Citizens and Internet

TouchLogo Introduces New Web Search Concept with Senior Citizens in Mind

A visual search that does not require any key strokes - just click on the logo

Jan. 30, 2013 - There is a new search engine concept online that has a unique idea on finding what you need on the web. The company says ToughLogo was designed to "save you time and effort" in searching and re-searching the web for useful, high quality websites and content. Read more...

Books for Senior Citizens

Older Americans May Do Better Online with New Dummies How-to-Books for Seniors

'Dummies' series publishes high tech 'how tos' aimed at older people under the AARP brand

Aug. 5, 2012 - From social networking sites and online genealogy, to the latest gadgets and tablets, AARP’s Tech to Connect books are dedicated to making technology work for readers while helping to protect their online privacy and security. The world’s bestselling reference series, For Dummies, has introduced the new Tech to Connect book series from AARP. Specifically targeting the 50+ consumer, these books offer advice and solutions for using technology to stay connected with friends, family and community. Read more...

Senior Citizens and Internet

More than Half of Senior Citizens – Age 65 or Older – are Finally Online

After several years of very little growth among this group, these gains are significant, finds Pew Internet & American Life Project; And, most over 76 have a cell phone

By Kathryn Zickuhr, Mary Madden, Pew Internet & American Life Project

June 6, 2012 - As of April 2012, 53% of American adults age 65 and older use the internet or email. Though these adults are still less likely than all other age groups to use the internet, the latest data represent the first time that half of seniors are going online. After several years of very little growth among this group, these gains are significant. Read more...

Number of Seniors Online Growing

but Still Far Below Other Adults

12/02/11 - Senior citizens are increasingly joining younger American adults in going online for fun and to pass the time, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. But, despite the growing numbers of seniors online, they still are less than half as likely to do so as are other adults. Read the report by Lee Rainie, Director of Pew’s Internet & American Life Project.

Senior Citizens and Internet

Older Canadians on Internet Show More Self Confidence; Most Online Daily

As baby boomers enter older age bracket we see a much higher internet use

Nov. 29, 2011 - A new study has revealed that Canadian seniors age 60 and over who use the internet are better adjusted psychologically than older adults who do not. The study also shows there is now a much higher rate of internet use among older adults compared to other reports from the past decade. Read more...

Health & Medicine for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Jumping Online to Monitor Personal Health Records

Read all about personal health records below news report , with key links

March 28, 2011 - Senior citizens, for once, are not the age group lagging behind in an online endeavor. A study to measure participation on adopting the use of online personal health records finds those patients aged 65 and older are more likely to get involved than young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. Read more...

Senior Citizens and Internet

Senior Citizens, Other Older Adults Catching Up Fast in Use of Internet Social Media

Social networking use among internet users ages 50 and older has nearly doubled -- from 22% to 42% over the past year.

by Mary Madden, Senior Research Specialist, Pew Internet & American Life Project

Aug. 27, 2010 - While social media use has grown dramatically across all age groups, older users have been especially enthusiastic over the past year about embracing new networking tools. Although email continues to be the primary way that older users maintain contact with friends, families and colleagues, many users now rely on social network platforms to help manage their daily communications -- sharing links, photos, videos, news and status updates with a growing network of contacts. Read more...

Senior Citizen Alerts

Many Search Results Include Dangerous, Malicious Links: Free Protection Available

New, free Website rating tool, Norton Safe Web Lite, protects seniors from risky search results 29, 2010 - Senior citizens, most just becoming comfortable with using the internet, may be among those in the most danger from well-disguised malicious links that are presented by search engines. According to a new Norton study, more than one in three of the top-trending search terms returned at least 10 percent malicious results, putting people's computers and personal information at risk from cybercrime. Read more...

Senior Citizens and Internet

Elder Chicks Now Have Their Own Blog; Seeking Female Readers Over Seventy

These "elder chicks," feel they still have lots to give - and take - from the world

April 14, 2010 - Blogs are everywhere and for just about anybody... even women over 70 years of age. Two very enterprising senior women, Drs. Barbara Fleisher and Thelma Reese, have started a blog for women in their senior years - Read more...

National Library of Medicine Launches Mobile MedlinePlus to Meet Needs of On-the-Go Public

Compact Website designed to meet needs of smart phones, other hand-held devices - not iPhone 'app' - read below

Jan. 29, 2010 - Wondering what the side effects are for your new prescription? Go to Mobile MedlinePlus ( while you’re waiting for the pharmacist to fill your order! Read more...

Senior Citizens Reduce Depression with Internet Use, Can Save on Nation's Health Care Bill

Getting more seniors Online could trim billions from US health costs, says Phoenix Center

Oct. 15, 2009 – If you are reading this story on a computer, chances are you are reducing your chances of depression. Spending time online reduces depression by 20 percent for senior citizens, the Phoenix Center reports in a new Policy Paper released today. In addition to the quality of life benefits, reducing the cases of depression through widespread Internet use among older Americans could trim the nation's health care bill. Read more...

AAA Launches New Web Site to Promote Senior Driver Safety and Mobility


Seniors expert Alexis Abramson, PhD, offers advice (video below)


Provides safety and mobility information, tools and resources for older drivers and their families

July 14, 2009 - AAA launched a new senior safety and mobility Web site,, in June. It includes content and resources based on extensive research, provides families of older drivers with valuable information related to senior mobility challenges and tools to help extend safe driving. Read more...

Senior Citizens, Older Baby Boomers Lead Charge to High-Speed Internet

Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project finds broadband use finally on the move

June 24, 2009 – The use of a broadband connection to reach the Internet by senior citizens has jumped from only 19 percent in May of 2008 to 30 percent in April of 2009, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. The study that looked at broadband usage also found baby boomers age 50-64 increased usage from 50 percent in 2008 to 61 percent in 2009. Read more...

Prostate Disease Website Launched by Harvard Med School to Help in Decision-Making

New Website provides multiple perspectives on how best to treat prostate disease

April 28, 2009 - Harvard Medical School has announced the launch of a new Website to help men with prostate cancer and other prostate conditions understand the issues related to their condition and make “smart, well-informed decisions” regarding treatment. Read more...

Fastest Growing Internet Users are Ages 70 to 75 as Online Demographics Get Older

Forty-five percent of these senior citizens are now online, most with broadband capability

Feb. 6, 2009 – The charge to the Internet for senior citizens is being led by those in the 70-75 year-old age group, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, that says this age group has increased internet use more than any other since 2005. Read more...

Senior Citizens Not Flocking to Social Network Websites: Just 7% Have Posted Profiles

Most adults use online social networks primarily to connect with friends

Jan. 22, 2009 – Just 7 out of every 100 senior citizens – Americans age 65 or older – have a profile on an online social network - well below the 35 percent of all adult internet users. The percentage of social networking adults was only 8% in 2005, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project's December 2008 tracking survey. Read more...

Senior Citizens Will Love this Website that Provides Free Medical Diagnosis

Virtual doc conducts an interview, analyzes symptoms, and provides “expert” advice

Oct. 6, 2008 – No one has more health problems that senior citizens and they should be delighted with a Website discovered by that will diagnose medical ailments online for free.’s electronic virtually doctor conducts an interview, analyzes symptoms, and provides “expert” advice. Read more...

New Website to Improve Pain Patients' Communications with Healthcare Pros

Let's Talk Pain formed by new coalition of to pain organizations

Sept. 8, 2008 – Senior citizens, most not strangers to pain - one of those regrettable things associated with aging - may relate to a Website launched by a new organization that is hoping to improve communications between pain patients and healthcare professionals. Read more... Appeals to Seniors Home-Bound or Saving on Gasoline

Site moves to Colorado, plans to have 1,000 retailers offering free shipping deals on the site by 2009

Sept. 6, 2008 – A Website that may interest many senior citizens – especially those who are home-bound or trying to save on gasoline – is moving on and up and the price of gasoline maybe one of the reasons. is moving its headquarters from Orlando to Fort Collins, Colorado. Read more...

Elder Care News

National Center on Elder Abuse Enhances Website to Better Help Seniors, Caregivers

Link to Help Hotline PageThe NCEA disseminates information to professionals and the public, provides assistance and training to states and community-based organizations

Aug. 8, 2008 - The National Center on Elder Abuse, which serves as a national resource center dedicated to the prevention of elder mistreatment, has recently remodeled its Website. The changes provide senior citizens and caregivers easy access to a wealth of helpful information. Read more...

Google Makes No-Cost Online Medical Records Service Available to Public

Allows users to store medical records and laboratory test results

May 20, 2008 - Google on Monday opened public access to Google Health, an online personal health record service, after about 18 months of development, the New York Times reports (Lohr, New York Times, 5/20). The move comes after Google in February announced a pilot program to test the system that involved about 10,000 patients at the Cleveland Clinic (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/20). Read more...

More Senior Citizens May Turn to Email as Physicians Provide Access, Study Suggests

People who use e-mail would like to have access to their physicians

Feb. 18, 2008 - There is something on the horizon that may budge more senior citizens to join the world of email. As older people know, the link with your physician becomes a much more critical issue with age and many seniors work at improving this communication. Now, new research says one way that seems to work is email access to physicians. Read more...

Internet Proves to be Valuable Aide to Better Cancer Therapy

Cancer therapies can be highly toxic, early detection of symptoms and timely treatment is vital

Nov. 30, 2007 – The cultural changes created by the Internet has now reached cancer care – cancer patients, even the sickest patients, are willing to “self-report” symptoms over the Internet to supply key data in real time to their healthcare providers. Senior citizens who have avoided becoming familiar with computers and the Internet may want to rethink that decision. Read more...

iGuard Drug Safety Alert is Newest Reason Senior Citizens, Caregivers Must Use Web

Provides patients & physicians with immediate, personalized, free drug safety information

Oct. 9, 2007 – Almost weekly there is a new and compelling reason why senior citizens or their caregivers should be active on the Internet. One significant new tool to launch on the Web, which promises potentially life-saving help to seniors, is iGuard. This is a free service to access current information about the risk profile of their medications and receive personal drug safety alerts. Read more...

Free Check of Computer Health Available at New OfficeMax Online Service

With 75% of PCs invaded by viruses, intruders; ctrlcenter offers "PC Check-Up" via internet

April 25, 2007 – Senior citizens, especially those not comfortable with running software to find problems on their computers, may want to take advantage of a new – and currently free – remote tech service from OfficeMax named “ctrlcenter” that checks the health of your PC. Read more...

Senior Citizens Get New Online Help on How to Communicate with Their Doctor

National Institutes of Health adds subject to Website for seniors

Aug. 10, 2007 – Effective communications between senior citizens and their doctor is receiving increased attention, with a growing number of studies showing there is a dangerous communications gap and that many seniors fail to understand health care instructions. In response, the National Institutes of Health have added a new subject to their Website for senior citizens – “How to Talk with Your Doctor.” Read more...

IBM Announces Tool to Help Visually Impaired 'See' Internet Multimedia

Millions of senior citizens may experience streaming video, animation

March 25, 2007 - IBM has announced a first-of-its-kind emerging technology that helps blind and visually impaired people experience streaming video and animation on the Internet. It is estimated that there are more than 161 million people with these impairments and the vast majority are senior citizens. Read more...

Senior Citizen Entertainment

Website Features Original Video Like Sex and the Classics Targeting Boomers, Seniors

Bea Arthur and Sally Struthers star but there is much more in TV Land

Bea Arthur stars in 'Sex and the Classics' on TVland.comAugust 31, 2006 – As you would assume, as editor and publisher of, I spend most of every day on the Internet. Today, I discovered something spectacularly new, innovative and designed for our audience of senior citizens and older baby boomers. If you have not seen it, you need to check out Below is a link to a sample of their original classic productions – a five minute skit, Sex and the Classics, a take-off on Sex and the City, but starring Bea Arthur and Sally Struthers. You'll love it. Read more...

New Picture Books Helping Seniors Learn to Use the Computer

Available for free pdf downloads during introduction

May 2, 2006 – Senior citizens learning to use the computer or new software, are giving good reviews to the new In Pictures, a new brand of computer how-to books, which was launched today. The books are based on pictures rather than text. Most computer books contain 50,000-100,000 words, but In Pictures books contain only 5000 or so, or one-tenth as many words. For a limited time, In Pictures books can be downloaded for free, according to the Website. Read more...

Great for Seniors: Website Sends Email Reminders of Medical Tests

Cholesterol testing on top of list of six email alerts that are available

March 2, 2006 – It could be just what the doctor ordered for a senior citizen or their caregiver – a Website that will automatically send a reminder to have a cholesterol test. Actually, this service by the College of American Pathologists will email reminders on four other types of health testing and to donate blood. Read more...includes more free email reminder services.

Get Your Grandchild a Rare Classic Book from Your Own Childhood

By Tucker Sutherland, editor

Nov. 28, 2005 – I wish I had kept all the books from my childhood, because I would love to share many of them with my grandkids. The good news is there is a growing Website where you can search the world to find a copy of that book you treasured as a child and buy it online for your grandchild. You may even find a classic signed by the author. It could be the perfect gift for Christmas. Read more...

Websites We Like

Teenager Publishes Online Newsletter to Bridge Gap with Grandparents

By Tucker Sutherland, editor

July 17, 2005 – If you are a grandparent, or even a parent, you have to love this story. It is about Lauren Teegarden, a high school senior in Portland, Oregon, who has started her own Website. That may not be too unusual but this teenager-created site is called "The Grandparent Connection" – not a topic many teenagers get fired up about. Read more...

Sites We Like

TV-Now Provides Entertainment and Tools Seniors Will Appreciate

Their 50-pack classic movie packages grabbed our attention

By Tucker Sutherland, editor

May 26, 2005 – I had never heard of the Website until placed an ad with What grabbed my attention was the headline on their ad – “Classic Mystery TV.” I had to take a look and found the site a treasure for senior citizens who enjoy movies and television entertainment. The site has been on the Web since 1994, but one of their newest additions is the marketing of these gigantic classic movie collections at a very low price. Read more...

Save a Life…In a Story

Capture the stories now from your aging relatives

By Marcia Passos Duffy

April 12, 2005 - So many people keep meaning to interview their parents or grandparents -- and capture all those entertaining and enlightening family stories.  But most people never get around to it, and put it off until it is too late and the storyteller has died or is too sick to tell stories anymore. This was the case with me. Read more...

Cool Senior Store Expands, Becomes EZ Living Aids

Feb. 11, 2005 – Frequent visitors to are probably well aware of the “Cool Senior Store,” a long-time advertiser. The owner, Harris Communications, is now expanding the site to include more products to make living easier for those of all ages, who need a little help with everyday task. They are also changing the Website name to, to better reflect the wider array of products they now offer. Read more...

New Website Tool Helps Seniors Get Medicare Drug Card Information Easier

Feb. 3, 2005 - Generations on Line, a national nonprofit Internet literacy program for senior citizens, today announced a simple new way for seniors to access the new Medicare drug benefit online. Read more...

Revised Website Lists Dangerous Prescription Drugs, Provides Alternatives

Public Citizen also publishes new book on “Worst Pills, Best Pills”

Jan. 17, 2005 - Public Citizen has launched a new Web site, , that provides consumers with comprehensive information about 538 prescription drugs and warns them of 181 drugs that are unsafe or ineffective. Consumers must subscribe to use the database but it also has free news and information about dangerous drugs. More... 1/17/05*

Sites We Like

Consumer Reports Launches Public Education Campaign to Help Consumers Save on Medicines

Best Buy Drugs kicks off by comparing price, effectiveness in three drug categories

Dec. 10, 2004 - Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, yesterday launched an educational and outreach initiative and free website,, that will compare a variety of prescription drugs on price, effectiveness and safety to help consumers and their doctors identify the most effective and affordable medicines. More... 12/10/04

Sites We Like

Acuity Games Offers Products to Stimulate the Brain of Older Adults

By Tucker Sutherland, editor

Nov. 4, 2004 – We have carried news on several research projects indicating that dementia can be slowed or prevented by regular activities that stimulate the brain. Now there is a new Website designed to offer senior citizens the tools for regular mental activity. says they did the research to put together this shopping site dedicated to providing cognitive fitness products for older adults. More... 11/04/04*

Senior Health Site by NIH Reaches First Birthday, Has Some Growing to Do


Sen Harkin Opens Site


By Tucker Sutherland, Editor,

Oct. 24, 2004 – It was a year ago that the National Institutes of Health introduced their innovative senior health Website (, with its special controls for sound, text size and other viewing enhancement options. It is a useful and senior-friendly site with lots of promise, but with a way to go in providing a wide range of health information for America’s senior citizens. More... 10/24/04*

Crayons for Codgers is Fun, Useful and Non-commercial

Aug. 23, 2004 – Crayons for Codgers is a nice Website the editor has created to help seniors keep their brains active and healthy by using a familiar tool -- the wax crayon.  The simple art techniques explained on the site can help fingers stay flexible and boost hand-eye coordination, says creator Joseph Klipple. More... 8/23/04*

What to Expect As You Grow Older: Mayo Clinic Update

By Tucker Sutherland, editor

Aug. 17, 2004 - It looks like I am deteriorating right on schedule, according to the online information provided by the Mayo Clinic’s Senior Health Center. This recently updated feature – “What to Expect as You Grow Older” – is the best online article I have found to capture the information most of us are seeking about the changes in our body as we age. It is particularly useful because it is brief and to the point. More... 8/17/04* Provides Free, Easy Nursing Home Comparison Tools

By Tucker Sutherland, editor

July 14, 2004 - Choosing a nursing home and monitoring their performance in patient care is critical and MyZiva.Net, a free service, is establishing itself as the leader in easy-to-use nursing home evaluation and comparison. The company is the online provider of a free comprehensive guide to all licensed U.S. nursing homes and has distinct advantages over all other such sites we have found. More... 7/14/04*

Aging Solutions Has Tons of Helpful Information for Those Helping the Elderly

This Website, Aging Solutions, is about as good as it gets for those seeking information that is helpful for the aging. It has advice, comprehensive checklists, and links to key resources. It is designed to make it easier for family caregivers to quickly find the information they need and avoid missing things that are important in the care of their loved one You can find it by Clicking Here.

SquareTrade a Top Site for Verifying Canadian Pharmacies

Licensed Pharmacy Program in Partnership with the National Community Pharmacists Association

June 28, 2004 - Senior citizens are increasingly turning to the Internet in search of the much less expensive prescription drugs available from Canadian pharmacies and one popular site to verify the licenses of online pharmacies is SquareTrade. Yahoo is using SquareTrade as a source before approving Canadian pharmacies for advertising with their Overture program. More... 6/28/04*

Safety for Older Drivers is Goal of New Website

June 26, 2004 - Senior Citizens, their families and health professionals with older driver safety questions now have a web-based resource with a variety of information, including a comprehensive database listing hundreds of driving rehabilitation specialists located throughout the US. More... 6/26/04*

Find A Legitimate Source for Canadian Drugs Online

June 18, 2004 – One of the worries about trying to buy prescription drugs on the Internet, particularly from foreign countries, like Canada, is the quality of the drugs you order. Is this really the drug I order, or just a fake? Now there is help at More... 6/18/04*

Sometimes the Web is Just for Fun – Try

June 13, 2004 - Sometimes the Web is for fun and that seems to be the main purpose of a neat little site named The site claims it was created to help entertain and educate seniors. Louie, Dot, and Jake provide a wide variety of humor in this Web site, and a little related information they say may be useful to you in your daily life.

Celebrates Second Anniversary

Government Benefits Website Expands with More State Program Help, Spanish Edition

April 29, 2004 – One of the most helpful government Websites,, today announced the additions of more information on state benefits programs and a Spanish version, during the celebration of the sites second anniversary. More... 4/29/04*

The Senior Slant

High Praise for New Website About Civil Rights in America

By Tucker Sutherland, editor,

April 1, 2004 - Senior citizens have a greater concept of the civil rights struggle in this country, because we lived through so many of the critical periods. Like me, you probably went to segregated schools, and as a child tried your best and failed to really understand it all. Now there is an excellent Website sponsored by AARP and Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) that captures this piece of history effectively and makes good use of the presentation possibilities of the Internet. More... 4/01/04*

Website Helping Seniors Find Jobs Adds 12 New Employers

Feb. 9, 2004 - The Website has added 12 new companies to its list of employers offering to recruit and hire older workers. More... 2/9/04*

It's the Season to Watch Your Health

Dec. 26, 2003 - Winter has set in and it marks a time of the year when senior citizens need to be particularly cautious about their health. The U.S. government has a good site with reliable information about health (and caregiving) for seniors. Click Here

Great Web Idea – All Government Recalls on One Site!

Nov. 25, 2003 - Six federal agencies with vastly different jurisdictions have joined together to create -- a "one stop shop" for U.S. Government recalls. Current categories included are consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics and environmental products. Go to

EPA Launches Website on Healthy Aging

Nov. 18, 2003 - The new Website's purpose is to provide an overview of efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect the health of older Americans. "Due to the normal aging process, even older Americans in good health may have increased health risks from exposures to environmental pollutants. As we age, our bodies are more susceptible to hazards from the environment... At EPA, the health of older Americans is a top priority." they say. Go to their site... 11/18/03

“Staying Healthy at 50+” is a helpful Website by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – Click Here, which hopes to be the “source of credible, accurate information to help Americans choose to live healthier lives,” has a special Website on obesity – Click Here

Need Help with Medicare? It’s available in your state

Oct. 28, 2003 - Every state has a "State Health Insurance Assistance Program" (SHIP). These programs help Medicare beneficiaries and their families with their health insurance choices and with problems that might arise. Here is the Internet's most complete list of SHIP Web Sites and Links and a list of Telephone Numbers for contacting SHIPs. It is provided by the New York State Office for the Aging.

Senior’s Health Center Website Can Be Helpful

Sept. 16, 2003 - Senior’s Health Center is an interesting, informative and free Website for senior citizen health information that has been created by drug manufacturer Merck & Co., Inc. The following is a news release about why their site is important for seniors. More> 9/16/03*

Someone to Live Free in Homes of Elderly in Exchange for Care

The National Home Share Resource Center offers a national directory of local organizations that sponsor Home Share programs. The basic idea is for an older person to provide free housing in exchange for free care.

""Full Circle of Care
June 20, 2003 - We reviewed this site favorably last July, but they've greatly expanded their website, including a new section for caregivers and professionals to choose a state and directly link to that state's state aging agency, Area Agencies on Aging, ombudsman, health insurance information, disability resources, and elder abuse - including phone numbers.

Emerging Source of Senior Health News

April 7, 2003 - A Website by Ivanhoe Broadcast News is emerging as a growing source of health news for senior citizens. The company provides television news to 250 network affiliates across the United States, and has been expanding information on their site to add specific health topics, including Senior Health. To go directly to their Senior Health News - Click Here

Search Library of Medicine for Senior Health Studies

April 7, 2003 - The U.S. National Institutes of Health, through its National Library of Medicine, has developed to provide patients, family members and members of the public current information about clinical research studies. You can follow this link to our Senior Health section page to search for health studies that interest you. The search form is at the top of the column on right. Click Here 4/7/03

Administration on Aging Redesigns, Improves Website

Mar. 10, 2003 - A new more attractive, more useful Website has been launched by the Administration on Aging. Particularly useful is a new section for the Elderly and their caregivers. The most frequent emails we get at are about help for the elderly.

Click Here to the new site.

Click here to "Elders & Families"

Senior Corner

Local Sites for Seniors Growing, Getting Better

Web sites serving senior citizens and their families with helpful local information are increasing in number and quality. A good example is Senior Corner, a site designed for senior citizens in northern Michigan, their families, friends, neighbors, and caregivers. Take a look at this one and let us know of other good local sites. Click Here 2/06/03

First Gov Has Great Guide to Drug Discounts

Jan. 23, 2003 - We brag a lot about the FirstGov for Seniors Website and their latest edition is a great comprehensive guide to discounts on prescription drugs. Click Here 1/23/03^^

"The Bright Side" Helps Those in Crisis

Dec. 23, 2003 - The Bright Side is an award winning Website that offers help in dealing with a crisis, coping with a mental disorder, or just feeling overwhelmed with life. It is not just for senior citizens, which is why we don't list it in our Senior Links, but it is a site many seniors may appreciate. Listen to Shie Rozow, the founder on Jacqueline Marcell's Internet radio program, "Coping With Caregiving." Jacqueline is the "edu-taining" author of, Elder Rage, or Take My Father… Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents. Click here to read the interview transcript. To visit The Bright Side Website - Click Here 12/23/02**

Can Singing Help Seniors Stop Snoring

Dec. 12, '02 - Snoring is a very common problem for senior citizens, but, now, a woman in the UK thinks she has found a very uncommon solution. She markets this on the Web and you can read the news release she provided and learn more about her. Click 12/12/02* (Features)

Find Out Your Health Statistics

The holiday season is a tough time for trying to maintain our weight and fitness. We have found a neat Website that provides several health calculators for using your information to get the vital statistics you need to plan a healthier life. Follow this link to the iVillage health calculators. Click 12/11/02**
Government Launches Website for Science & Technology

Dec. 10, '02 - FirstGov for Science is a collaboration of 14 scientific and technical information organizations from 10 major science agencies. Yesterday, they launched formal opening of the gateway to reliable information about science and technology from across Federal government organizations. Click 12/10/2*

State-by-State Information on Renewing Drivers License for Older Drivers Available on the Web

A very significant problem for many older senior citizens is the loss of the ability to drive safely. Most states are taking action by establishing special rules for renewing licenses for the elderly. The National Academy on an Aging Society provides this page with information on all states. Click 12/09/02*

Website Helps Elderly Prepare Homes to Stay Home

WELLComeHome is a home modification resource center designed to help determine how the home of elderly residents can be improved to allow them to stay at home where they want to be.  The material provided in WELLComeHome is a valuable resource for the elderly, family members, caregivers, and home design and modification professionals. Click to site 10/28/2***

Websites Worth Checking Out

Long Term Care Link

FirstGov for Seniors says, "New and Improved, Long Term Care Link is a comprehensive, noncommercial source of long-term care information. Its purpose is to: 1) educate the public on long-term care, 2) give support and find services for caregivers and 3) provide a public source of continuing education to long-term care advisors and providers." Click 10/21/2

Suddenly Senior

Frank Kaiser works hard at coming up with jokes for seniors each week. He e-mails them to those who request or you can find them on his Website - Click 10/21/2

Website on Health, Aging Recommended by FirstGov for Seniors

"Helpguide is a breezy, easy to read web site that provides the best non-profit non-commercial links on the web focusing on mental health and aging well. Helpguide is a joint project of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica and the Center for Healthy Aging." Click 10/16/2 nt

Free Multi-National E-book

Sept. 6, 02 - Eric Shackle, 83, is a retired Australian journalist whose hobby is searching the Internet and writing about it. His work has been published by the New York Times, Globe and Mail (Canada), Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) and Straits Times (Singapore). He is copy editor of Anu Garg's Seattle-based A Word A Day free newsletter, which is e-mailed five days a week to more than half a million wordlovers in 210 countries. But his greatest claim to fame maybe his e-book, Life Begins at 80… On the Internet. It is billed as the world’s first multi-national electronic book and it is free on the Internet.

Music For Seniors

Patty Carpenter has a  program called Music For Seniors and has produced a CD called Memories of Love's Refrain which is aimed at the senior audience. You can find info on the CD and the Music for Seniors program here. Click 11/19/01

Here's a Great Site for Texans Dealing with Issues of the Elderly - Click

New Website Helps Seniors, Caregivers Access Hundreds of Public Benefits Programs

June 5, 2001 -- More than five million seniors are currently missing out on hundreds of state and federal benefits programs, but a new Web site launched today by the National Council on the Aging can help. click to story 6/14/01

Looking for a Relationship? Want More from the One You Have? Next50 Has Advice

For those mature adults looking for advice on how to get the most from a long-term relationship or finding the right soul mate for the best years, says they have assembled a variety of web-based resources to address the complexities of modern relationships. Click for story

Website Featuring Products Handcrafted by Senior Artisans

A virtual marketplace, offers online shoppers the handiwork of seniors from cities, towns, villages, and hamlets all across the country. Click to site

> A Reader in England Has Great Site for British Stories 12/6/00*

This reader asked us to link to her site. We took a look and a listen and found it lots of fun. You will, too.

New Help Online for Those Who Like to Write

WritingTree's innovative applications are developed with the stated goal of making the act of writing more fulfilling for the tens of millions of Internet users that are either writers or aspiring writers. Click 11/20/00*

Really Into Wine: Try This New Website to Watch the Harvest 

For the first time ever, consumers can log onto the site and travel along with experts to the top international wine estates for an inside "peak" into the harvests - and personalities - of each. Click 9/26/00*

Nice Website for Seniors in Austin, Texas

 ( - A site designed for seniors in Texas and, in particular, Austin.11/6/00*

> New Aging Research Website Launches 11/2/00*

The American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) yesterday launched a new website, which will provide easy access to authoritative and current scientific research on aging and age-related diseases and conditions.

> ElderVision Has New Web Idea Without Mouse, Keyboard 10/19/00*

ElderVision, a software and e-services company focusing on the senior market, has rolled out its new interactive TouchTown  service, enabling seniors to e-shop, e-mail and access news and information on the Web without having to use a traditional mouse and keyboard computer.

> Win a Billion Dollars on This Site 10/17/00* ( today launched what it believes is the most lucrative contest of all time, giving people across North America the chance to win $1 BILLION. And all you need to enter and win is access to the Internet and some luck. That's right, we said ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

> U.K. Lady Has Website to Pass Wisdom of Generations 9/5/00

Hints and Things has helpful information and is just plain fun.

> Website for Volunteers 8/18/00

If you are looking for a place to volunteer your time, or for volunteers to help you organization, check out this site.

> International Site for Senior Dates is Growing 7/25/00*

This is one of the fastest growing dating sites on the web and has a special category for seniors.

> Adds Humor to Web 7/3/00*

The Internet magazine,, features humor and hope for those 50- to 75-years old who 'became senior before their time.'

> A Contest for Complainers! Surely a Senior Can Win 6/01/00*

From May 30 to July 15, consumers can  enter to win a $5,000 dream vacation for the best letter - complaint or praise - sent via,

> SeniorNet Says E-Commerce Growing 5/19/00*

Seniors mostly use web for communicating with family and friends.

> Celebrities Help Launch New Senior Web 4/26/00*

> Has Good Senior Medical Reference Section 5/12/00

> Bargain Groceries Online in Boston 3/22/00

> Administration on Aging's Links to Web Sites for Seniors

> A Unique Reference Site for Finding Anything

> Starting Page: An interesting one page subject directory to lots of web sites.




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