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Retirement News for Seniors


Retirement News for Seniors

New Reverse Mortgage Tools Help Seniors Understand Them Better

For those considering a loan or those who already have them

Feb. 8, 2017 – Senior citizens considering a reverse mortgage and those who already have them now have new tools from the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association to help them better understand these unique loans.

Social Security News

Two government tools help Americans prepare for retirement

Social Security has many tools to help plan for your future; now Treasury offers a companion

by Kimberly Yellow Robe, public affairs, Social Security Administration

March 29, 2016 - Achieving financial security is an important part of enjoying a satisfying retirement. Social Security has many tools to help you plan for your future. There is also a new tool from the Department of the Treasury...


Retirement News for Seniors

How seniors can keep unexpected expense from becoming a crisis

Ideation Challenge on April 16 to spark financial product and service ideas

woman holding a piggy bankMarch 24, 2016 - Nearly half of Americans (47 percent) lack the ability to pay for an unexpected $400 expense, according to the Federal Reserve Board. Retired Americans and those nearing retirement age often are particularly financially vulnerable. Help is now available for seniors from AARP and Georgetown University. More...

Retirement News for Seniors

graph showing Americans that pay income tax by ageRetirees paying income taxes drops sharply after age 60

Most Americans pay IRS at about age 50

March 24, 2016 - Taxes are not as inevitable as most people assume. As the chart shows, the share of Americans paying federal income taxes falls precipitously after age 60. More...

Retirement News for Seniors

About half of U.S. households achieving retirement savings goals

Survey kicks-off 10th America and Military Saves Week showing Americans are progressing

By Katie Bryan

Feb. 23, 2016 - The ninth annual America Saves Week survey has found that only two-fifths (40%) of U.S. households report good or excellent progress in “meeting their savings needs”  and just over half say they are saving enough for retirement. More...

Retirement News for Seniors

older couple dancingHUD to fund test of new approach to keeping low-income seniors in their homes

Grants will go to eligible owners of HUD-assisted senior housing developments

Feb. 4, 2016 - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is making approximately $15 million available to test a promising housing and services model for low-income seniors to age in their own homes and delay or avoid the need for nursing home care. More...

Retirement News for Seniors

Seniors may find reverse mortgage a good option as other investments decline

Reverse Mortgages - the "Investment" that Grows, says industry leader

by Michael Branson, CEO, All Reverse Mortgage

Feb. 2, 2016 - Are you losing money in your portfolio as the stock market is plunging right now?  So many people are. Just yesterday I received a call from a borrower for whom I closed a reverse mortgage a little less than a year ago who wanted to thank me again and let me know that the reverse mortgage saved her. More...


Retirement News for Seniors

retired couple enjoying a dance togetherWhat drives people to retire isn't what most think

Fidelity research busts key myths about retirement

Oct. 30, 2015 - Contrary to popular belief, nearly half of American workers plan to stop working on a specific date, regardless of how much they have saved for retirement. This is one of several myths debunked in new research from Fidelity Investments in collaboration with the Stanford Center on Longevity. More...

Retirement News for Seniors

Out-of-pocket drug costs increase funds needed for retirement

woman dropping coins in small purseA good reason seniors need to take close look at Medicare drug plan during open enrollment

Oct. 26, 2015 – If senior citizens needed one more push before being persuaded to take a close, fresh look at their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan during this open enrollment period, this may be it. A new study finds those planning for retirement need to increase the amount they need to budget for paying for health care, due to increase in out-of-pocket prescription drug cost. More...

Retirement News for Seniors

Small house as symbol of home equity changing handsThree strategies for using a reverse mortgage to improve retirement security

Forbes contributor Jamie Hopkins offers insights for seniors on smart ways to use reverse mortgage; recent regulations changes makes it better  

May 20, 2015 – Home equity is probably the most valuable asset owned by most retirees in the U.S. Properly leveraging this home equity is becoming a crucial part of a secure retirement, according to an article in Forbes by Jamie Hopkins. He sees a reverse mortgage, particularly with the new rules passed by HUD last month, as a way for some to significantly improve retirement income security. More...

jar of moneyRetirement News

Running out of money is more than just a worry for many seniors

Among those age 85 or older when they died, 20% had no assets left but their homes

By Michelle Andrews May 1, 2015

May 2, 2015 - For many older people and their families, particularly those dealing with conditions such as Alzheimer’s or cancer that often require long-term, pricey medical care, running out of money is a nagging concern.

Retirement News

happy senior couple checking their investments onlineRetired seniors lead jump in U.S. confidence to afford the golden years

Annual Retirement Confidence Survey of workers, retirees says confidence up but few signs they are actually doing anything to achieve the goal

April 24, 2015 – Senior citizens who have already retired are leading the way in a resurgence of confidence about being able to afford their retirement years among both working and retired Americans. The researchers most be scratching their heads, however, since they say they are few signs they are taking the right steps to accomplish this challenge. More...

Retirement News from other media:

Boomers are clogging up the labor market, refusing to retire

Seniors remaining in workforce due to finances or because they just like working

March 9, 2015 – What is wrong with the job market? The boomers won’t give up their jobs and retire, which is causing a logjam. This is compounded by a sharp decline in labor force participation among younger workers.. MarketWatch