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Social Security News

New National Company to Advise Boomers on When to Take Social Security Benefit

More than 90% of SSA recipients do not maximize benefits because they are unaware of their options; army of advisors to help  72 Million baby boomers

Oct. 24, 2013 – When should I start receiving my Social Security benefit? It is a question asked often and answered very often by financial columnists and spokespersons for the Social Security Administration. Now, a Cincinnati based company is building a business on it. Premier Social Security Consulting, is gathering an "army of advisors" nationwide to educate baby boomers on the most optimal time to access Social Security benefits.

More than 150 certified public accountants, insurance agents, financial advisors, enrolled agents and other professional advisors from California to New Jersey, Michigan to Florida have become National Social Security Advisors (NSSA).

Counseling baby boomers on optimizing Social Security benefits has become a hot topic. There are 72 million Baby Boomers nationwide, and about 10,000 Boomers turn 65 each day.


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Social Security COLA Increase of About 1.5 Percent Now Expected on October 30

The cost-of-living allowance for seniors and others on Social Security was delayed due to ‘lapse in funding’ by Department of Labor’s CPI determination

Oct. 18, 2013

More Baby Boomers, Seniors Struggle with Student Loans; Out Pace Other Debt

According to a recent survey, many older Americans are struggling with student loans, along with their younger counterparts - boomers owe over $112 billion

Oct. 23, 2013

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More than 90 percent of all Social Security recipients do not maximize their benefits because they are unaware of their options, said Marc Kiner, CPA and partner at Premier Social Security Consulting.      

"I use my NSSA designation extensively in marketing my skills as a Social Security consultant," said Jim Guiffre, owner of OnPoint Strategies of Greenswood, Colo. Guiffre took NSSA training and is a certified NSSA advisor.

"Having the NSSA designation elevates my credentials to potential clients who are looking for help understanding the rules of Social Security and are trying to develop their own personal strategy."

Cost of the $795 NSSA course and certification includes a year of continuing support through monthly webinars, assistance with questions and access to PowerPoint presentations with Premier Social Security Consulting.

The program is the only one of its kind in the nation, according to the company.

Kiner and Jim Blair, a 35-year veteran of the Social Security Administration, created the National Social Security Advisor certification program in January, 2013.

"The NSSA certification has provided me with more insight and I can now provide a higher level of service to my clients," said Denise Wiggins, CPA, of W.S. Beebe and Associates, PC in Little River, New Jersey.  "I was unfortunately widowed at an early age and I want to educate and advise other widows and women with divorce issues."

The National Underwriter Company (NUCO) prepares and administers the NSSA exam. Certification is provided by the National Social Security Association, LLC.

Premier Social Security Consulting is looking for professional advisors interested in promoting the course in their hometowns. Promoters receive 50 percent of attendance receipts. For information, contact Kiner at mkiner(at)mypremierplan(dot)com or (513) 351-5707. Educators are also being sought nationwide to teach the class.

For more information about the National Social Security Advisor certification program, go to and


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