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AARP still pressing presidential candidates on Social Security

Logo for AARP Take A StandOnly Trump not responding to "Take A Stand" initiative

March 9, 2016 – Since the beginning of the year AARP members and the organization have been dogging the presidential candidates for their position on Social Security. The only remaining candidate not to offer an opinion on this critical program has been Donald Trump.

“AARP members, volunteers and activists in red t-shirts are showing up at presidential campaign events around Ohio to urge candidates to weigh in on the issue of Social Security,” according to an Associated Press report today.

“On Tuesday, representatives of the senior advocacy group's "Take A Stand" campaign showed up at campaign events in Cleveland for Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“They also plan to attend a Kasich town hall in Moraine scheduled for Friday and other candidate events that crop up across the state ahead of Tuesday's primary election.”

This AARP effort is “aimed at getting presidential contenders to state their plans for the program's future and then holding them accountable,” according to the AP.

Take a Stand is the national “accountability campaign” to persuade candidates to say how they would “update” Social Security for the future. It was launched late last year.

AARP Senior Vice President John Hishta last month released a statement reiterating AARP’s nonpartisan stance during this election season:

“We are pleased that most of the candidates responded to our efforts, however, this morning, Governor Bush said in an MSNBC interview that we are supportive of his Social Security plan.  While we congratulate him for taking a stand on this important issue, it is inaccurate to say that AARP supports his or any particular candidate or their plans.

“AARP does not and will not endorse any candidate’s plan to update Social Security during this election because voters deserve an open debate between the candidates about Social Security’s future.  AARP has a proud nonpartisan history, and we don’t endorse candidates or give money to campaigns.”

The responses received from the candidates are posted on the "Take A Stand" website.

In January, as part of the Take A Stand campaign, AARP released a survey that found more than nine in 10 Iowa caucus goers across party lines and age groups say it is important for presidential candidates to lay out their plans to make Social Security financially sound for future generations.


“Iowa caucus goers are sending a clear message to the presidential candidates that having a plan to keep Social Security strong is a test of leadership,” said AARP Iowa State Director Kent Sovern.

“Yet, some presidential candidates are dodging the issue. Our survey confirms Iowa caucus goers agree if a candidate thinks they’re ready to be president, they should at least be able to tell voters where they stand on Social Security’s future.”

The survey also reported:

  • More than 9 in 10 Iowa caucus goers think it is important for presidential candidates to have a plan for the future of Social Security.  This includes 95% of Democratic caucus goers and 92% of Republican caucus goers. Regardless of age, more than half of all likely caucus goers think this is “very important.”

  • More than 8 in 10 Iowa caucus goers agree that having a plan for Social Security is a basic threshold for presidential leadership. This includes 88% of likely Democratic caucus goers and 86% of likely Republican caucus goers.

  • More than 9 in 10 Iowa caucus goers believe it is important that the next president and congress take action to make Social Security financially sound.  This includes 94% of Democratic caucus goers as well as 94% of Republican caucus goers.  

This effort is expected to continue until the November general election.


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