Political News for Senior Citizens

Political News for Seniors

Social Security a touchy topic – GOP’s Kasick says ‘Get over’ cuts

AP says lower gasoline prices have doomed Social Security COLA; many seniors face higher Medicare fees

senior man in wheelchair reads paper below U.S. flagOct. 11, 2015 – Social Security and Medicare are both hot topics in the news with the looming announcement there will be no cost-of-living increase for seniors next year, but many will be paying higher fees for some Medicare services. Grabbing the headlines, however, a GOP presidential candidate said those near retirement should just “get over” cuts he proposed in Social Security benefits.

A report by the Associated Press says it is lower gasoline prices that are causing the Social Security COLA to disappear for senior citizens - Lower gas prices means no Social Security increase next year.

Below are more links to some of the current news on Social Security and Medicare being read or heard across America.


>> John Kasich Says 'Get Over' Social Security Cuts [Video]

The Inquisitr

Even that bizarre remark pales in comparison to what John had to say about Social Security. Always a touchy subject, especially among those near retirement or already there.

>>John Kasich: 'Get over' Social Security cuts - UPI.com

>> Medicare premiums to increase for 15 million - Washington Examiner

That's because another entitlement program, Social Security, won't dole out a cost-of-living-adjustment for recipients next year. It is the third time in the ...

>> The Unlucky Millions Paying More for Medicare - New York Times

>> How To Avoid Paying Higher Medicare Part B Premiums - Herald Current

>> Seniors' costs for premiums likely will rise - Toledo Blade

>> Social Security and You: Jump on maximizing bandwagon? - Arizona Daily Star

But the problem is, all this talk about “maximizing” Social Security benefits has lots of near-term retirees running scared. I see it in my emails every ...

>> Will the Windfall Elimination Provision Cut Your Social Security? - Motley Fool

Essentially, the Windfall Elimination Provision can reduce Social Security ... on income from an employer that didn't withhold Social Security taxes.

>> Social Security: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - Motley Fool

Social Security is arguably the most important entitlement program for the nation's aging pre-retirees, but the scary fact is that few workers understand ...

>> Letter: Social Security is doing fine - Concord Monitor

>>'Millions to benefit' from new Social Security Act - The Nation

The newly passed fourth edition of the Social Security Act will provide additional benefits to almost 14 million subscribers, the government has said.

>> Bush talks Social Security, politics and more at Iowa event - WAGs World Cup

"They should go to the committee hearings, they should vote", he said, lightly pounding his first on the podium at a Scott County GOP dinner.


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