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Exercise & Fitness for Senior Citizens

Senior Wii Bowlers Head to LA Thursday for California Championship

A Vintage Senior Living Wii bowler swings the remote in a bowling motion and watches on a television screen as his ball strikes the pins.

Bowling by waving a remote control at a television screen is catching on with senior citizens across the country with many participating in National Senior League - see great video by Erickson Sports at bottom

April 25, 2012 – Thursday is a big day in the booming world of Wii bowling. Teams from across the state will be representing their senior community in the National Senior League’s California State Championship. The Wii remotes will be swinging at Vintage Westwood Horizons, 947 Tiverton Ave., Los Angeles.

This year, Vintage Senior Living has eleven teams participating in western regional tournaments in California and Washington and their Vintage Cerritos team has qualified for the 2012 California Senior Wii Bowling Championship. And, they are not alone, senior living communities across the country now have Wii bowling teams.

Among the celebrities on hand for the LA event will be the oldest participant, 94-year-old Bill Bird, who is team captain for the Vintage Cerritos Falcons. Dennis Berkhotlz, commissioner of the NSL, is expected to attend as is Tom Gray the NSL Wii Bowling Coach of the Year.


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Many may be surprised to know how enthusiastically senior citizens have joined the electronic gaming world. Across American seniors are having a blast in front of the big screen.

A spokesperson for Vintage says Wii Bowling is giving Vintage Senior Living residents many thrills, especially after bowling a strike. From a health standpoint, Wii Bowling offers a new form of exercise, and more importantly, encourages seniors to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

The communities’ common areas have been transformed into an electronic-driven playground where players and spectators enthusiastically exchange tips and comments. Residents participate from the comfort of their wheelchairs or either stand or sit in a chair. The opportunity to be on a team and participate in a league creates camaraderie among residents who might otherwise have trouble socializing.

Among the benefits for its residence, according to Vintage, are the following.

   ● Improving socialization skills - Encouraging conversations and cheering among players and spectators

   ● Stimulating brain functions - Concentrating on lining up the ball and determining speed of the ball

   ● Exercising coordination, balance and eye movement - Practicing eye and arm movement to coordinate the activity seen on the screen

   ● Building friendships and camaraderie among residents - Benefiting from the overall emotional stimulation from sport competition, spectator participation and after-game discussion

   ● Assisting in physical rehab - Stimulating blood circulation and breathing to rejuvenate energy after surgeries

About the NSL

Incorporated in 2009 the NSL produces and manages national, state and local Wii bowling championships for senior communities. Teams Wii bowl in their communities once a week for 7 weeks in a league format against opponents from all over the U.S. followed by 3 weeks of playoffs to determine champions in 5 divisions. The NSL provides schedules and league standings, keeps team and individual statistics, provides a webpage for each team, recognizes top performances and gives out awards.

The NSL Spring Championships featured 160 teams representing 80 senior communities in 26 states.

The 6th NSL National Championships will begin on August 6. A community may enter as many teams as they wish. Registration fees are $100 for communities who have competed in the NSL Spring Championships and $150 for communities who did not compete in the Spring championships.

National Champions will be crowned in 5 divisions -
   ● Championship (4 Wii bowlers average 230+);
   ● Super Elite (4 Wii bowlers average 200 - 230;  
   ● Elite Division (4 Wii bowlers average 175 - 200);  
   ● Super Master Division (4 Wii bowlers average 140 to 175; and
   ● Master Division (4 Wii Bowlers average 120 to 140.

The NSL Championships are hosted by LeadingAge. The LeadingAge community includes 5,400 not-for-profit organizations in the United States, 38 state partners, hundreds of businesses, research partners, consumer organizations, foundations and a broad global network of aging services organizations that reach over 30 countries. The final two teams of the Championship Division compete at the LeadingAge annual meeting in Denver, CO.

For more information, visit

Vintage Senior Living operates a total of 23 communities with 22 throughout California in addition to its retirement community in Tacoma, Wash.


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