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Exercise & Fitness for Senior Citizens

AARP Launches Fat-to-Fit Weight Loss Program Online for Third Year

Guidance from fitness expert Carole Carson – she lost 60 pounds at age 60

Carole Carson, fitness expertMay 17, 2011 - Today marks the start of AARP’s third annual “Fat-to-Fit Summer Weight Loss Challenge,” an online program challenging and supporting people to make positive, permanent life changes to improve their health. It includes eight weeks of guidance from fitness expert and author, Carole Carson, who lost more than 60 pounds at age 60.

Studies show people are more likely to stick to exercise plans when they have support. The Fat-to-Fit program will focus on personal interaction with both Carson and other participants through the Fat-to-Fit online community of more than 18,000 members.


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Challengers will be able to access free diet and fitness tips, Carson’s columns and blogs, videos, recipes and more. They are urged to post frequent updates and to exchange ideas, encouragement, recipes and moral support.

And, registrants have a chance to win $2,000. Official registration, rules and details are available at

“It’s no secret our country is facing a national obesity epidemic and a host of health problems because of it. This program is designed to not only help people lose weight, but also offer them an ongoing support system along with tools, resources and advice from people facing similar challenges,” said Carole Carson, AARP Fitness Coach.

“Most of us know what we need to do but we need help making lifestyle changes. The Fat-to-Fit community will help you make new friends as you learn how to incorporate exercise into your schedule, find an exercise that fits your specific needs, cut calories, and eat to live a longer, healthier life.”

The challenge runs through July 9, 2011, and visitors to AARP’s Website ( can register to join throughout the duration of the challenge.

Carson will select weekly small-prize winners and, at the end of the program, she will select three overall winners. Winners will be chosen based on three criteria: serving as a role model for the entire community, facing and overcoming challenges, and demonstrating the principles of the Fat-to-Fit program.


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