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85-Year-Old Gives Her Book Away to Promote Youthful Rock-Star Life in Retirement

She wants to stop the premature decline caused by traditional retirement, especially for women

Barbara Morris, 85, gives book away promoting youthful rock-star life in retirementOct. 7, 2014 - Barbara Morris, 85-year-old pharmacist and anti-aging author is not shy about stating her beliefs about anything. She is especially critical of traditional retirement, calling it a "toxic " lifestyle because she believes it contributes to premature decline.

She wants boomers and new retirees, particularly women, to avoid that disaster and instead, enjoy a non-traditional vibrant and youthful rock-star second life.

As an alternative to traditional leisure oriented retirement Ms. Morris is promoting balanced lifelong growth and productivity as a preferred lifestyle choice.

She points out that the lifespan has increased by 30 years and many retirees are enduring those "bonus" years in poor health and are financially impoverished because they chose a retirement lifestyle that no longer makes sense.

To help boomers nearing retirement as well as new retirees have a more fulfilling second life, Ms. Morris is giving away a free copy of her new book: The Expert's Guide To Strut Your Stuff: How Boomers and New Retirees Can Stay Youthful Longer and Live The Life They Really Want.

The feisty pharmacist laments that, in addition to contributing to decline, traditional retirement throws away the retiree's accumulated wisdom, experience and education.

"Not only that," she adds, "every healthy retiree living a traditional leisure-oriented lifestyle has untapped skills that will never blossom, grow, and contribute to their community and the world. Tragically, that unexplored potential winds up six feet under or burned to ash and stored in a cookie jar on the fireplace mantle."

Ms. Morris insists, "Healthy people can enjoy the kind of exciting second life many bored retirees secretly yearn for. My book doesn't leave any doubt about what it takes and how to achieve it. Making it happen is not rocket science."

"I urge healthy boomers close to retirement, or in early retirement, to read my book now and learn how they can enjoy and prosper in what can be the most rewarding and exciting years of life."

 Download the book: - NOTE: See editor's note below story about the link.

The Expert's Guide to Strut Your Stuff! is also available on Amazon.

Learn more about Barbara Morris:

SeniorJournal Editor's Note on Downloading Book

Book cover to The Expert's Guide to Strut Your Stuff by Barbara MorrisDownloading books looks safe and easy…

When you click link in story you get this message:

 "Full disclosure: Your email address will be added to the mailing list for the monthly Put Old on Hold Journal (You can unsubscribe at any time)

 "Your email address will NOT be added to any other list, nor will you receive any further advertisements, announcements or solicitations. Thank you, and enjoy your complimentary copy of The Expert's Guide To Strut Your Stuff!"

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"If you do not want to confirm, simply ignore this message.

"Thank you, Barbara Morris, R.Ph

"E-mail addresses are not sold, rented or shared."

After Clicking the Link

The 60 page book downloads quickly and no problems appear


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