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Senior Citizen Travel & Leisure

Unique New Zealand Travel Program Offers Memorable Stays for Senior Travelers

“Look After Me” treats visitors to Kiwi hospitality through vetted hosts and virtual hotel program

Watch video to meet founder Julia Charity - understand what Look After Me is all about and hear what other people think of the idea.

May 5, 2012 – A unique vacation concept designed to appeal especially to senior travelers is spreading across New Zealand. Named “Look After Me,” this new accommodation concept is connecting mature travelers with authentic Kiwi hosts to create a unique and memorable travel experience.

The Look After Me website is a ‘virtual hotel’ that currently lists about 100 local hosts and their properties each vetted and checked for quality to ensure they meet the requirements of the company’s three grades of accommodation - basic, classic and premium. 

The site aims to connect senior travelers, particularly women and mature couples, with like-minded private hosts who provide old fashioned Kiwi hospitality and personal security.  


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Click photos for larger views from one of the Look After Me classic properties

Travelers are encouraged to stay with hosts with shared interests like gardening, fishing, cooking, wine appreciation, travel, literature, theatre or music.  

Some hosts also offer pick-ups and home-cooked meals, all of which are offered at reasonable rates, and Look After Me provides hosts with a ‘hotel-in-a-handbag’ that includes New Zealand made toiletries and chocolates, a compendium and business cards.

Look After Me launched in Rotorua in July 2011 and is building a national accommodation register. It was founded by award-winning Rotorua scientist, writer and performance poet Julia Charity.

She says her aim is to ensure safe, memorable and affordable travelling experiences through genuine connections while in New Zealand.

 “Our vision is to create a 'Virtual Hotel' - one where all the rooms are as individual as you are,” says Charity.

“Whether you're on holiday, seeking accommodation for a sporting or entertainment event, or are cycling/riding - we aim to match the accommodation best suited to your needs.

“All of our hosts have been quality checked, are warm, engaging people, who you'll either stay with in family homes, or holiday homes.

“We focus on security, convenience and memorable hospitality, particularly for women travelling alone or mature couples.”

For more information about Look After Me, visit


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