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Senior citizens should be getting these vaccinations

Vaccine recommendations for senior citizens by U.S. government

older woman receiving shingles vaccinationSept. 15, 2015 - The U.S. government has an on-going campaign encouraging senior citizens to get a set of vaccinations recommended by the National Vaccine Program office. Following are the vaccines you need and how to learn more about them.

You may need one or more of these vaccines, even if you received vaccines as a child or as a younger adult.

Ask your doctor which ones are right for you.

Vaccines recommended for older adults can prevent:

Want to learn more about the vaccines you need? Use the Adult Immunization Vaccine Finder to receive personalized vaccine recommendations based on your age, health status, location and other factors.

You can also review the Adult Immunization Schedule  to see which vaccines you may need.

Don’t forget if you are traveling, you may need additional vaccines. See the travelers’ health page.

Talk to your healthcare professional about making sure you have all the vaccines you need to protect your health.

More Information:

         U.S. Government Site on Vaccinations

         National Vaccine Program Office


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