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Senior Citizen Alerts

Latest Senior Scam Hits San Antonio Couple for $15,000 in Jewelry, Cash

Man poses as city worker to get couple to go outside, while gang robs home

Oct. 20, 2011 - The latest alert for senior citizens on scams comes from San Antonio, where a senior couple was robbed of thousands of dollars in personal property after falling for a scheme presented by a man posing as a worker with the city’s electric utility company.

A man dressed in a jump suit and wearing a city inspector’s hat knocked on the San Antonio door of Dr. and Mrs. Ouchi Dung, according to a report by KENS5 television. Dung, who said he was raised to respect authority, believed the man, when he identified himself as being with CPS Energy.


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The fake utility worker asked Dung how many people lived in the home and he replied it was just himself and his wife. The imposter then asked them both to come to the backyard of the home so he could show them some power lines they needed to replace.

After this explanation about the power lines went on for about “about 10 minutes,” Dung, a retired doctor, became suspicious and ran back into his home. He arrived to see two men leaving through the open front door carrying boxes. He said the imposter prevented him from following the men leaving the house with his property.

After the men escaped, the homeowner went through his home and found more than $15,000 in jewelry and cash gone from his home.

Read the complete report by Phil Anaya,

FTC Says Predators Coming Out of Woodwork in Bad Economy

Money Matters: Tips from the Federal Trade CommissionThe predators are coming out of the woodwork: scam artists follow the headlines, and news about tight credit, foreclosures, and layoffs has given them a new lease on life, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Through ads in the newspapers, on the Internet and on TV and radio, they’re preying on people’s anxiety and working hard to get them to part with their money.

These crooks are really good liars: Their claims are just good enough to be believable; their services and products just practical enough to seem legitimate. Some even try to look like a government agency to enhance their credibility.

So how is someone supposed to know whether a product, service, or offer is legitimate? Count on the fact that the FTC is working the law enforcement front to stop them. At the same time, the agency is counting on consumers to know how to spot, stop and avoid them.

Here’s a road map to recognizing the kinds of scams people have reported: Money Matters, Tips from the Federal Trade Commission.




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