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Love is in the air and here is proof you are never too old to fall in love

Residents at retirement communities around the country find love in their golden years

senior couple holding handsFeb. 12, 2015 - As Valentine’s Day approaches, seniors across the country who have lost their sweethearts are finding love again - but this time, it is with fellow residents in senior living communities, according to Holiday Retirement, that operates homes for senior citizens.

When introduced into a community of similarly aged seniors – many of whom have already raised families or had long-lasting marriages – these individuals are falling in love. Many are even getting married well into their 80s and 90s. Their heartwarming senior romance stories are an emerging trend and will give you one more reason to believe in love this February.

“After moving into Lakeview Park within just a few weeks of one another, I kept seeing Phil at many of the activities the community offers,” explains Nina, 85, Lakeview Park resident and now a blushing bride-to-be.

“We would chat afterwards and started hanging out on our own, and our friendship just grew from there into love. We are quite excited for our wedding in May!”

Seniors today are not sitting idly by; they are engaging with friends, enjoying their favorite hobbies, staying active in their communities, and even finding love. Here are just a few stories of senior romances that have recently bloomed between Holiday Retirement residents:


Nina and PhilNina & Phil

Sparks fly and love blooms in time for the May 2015 wedding at Lakeview Park in Fenton, Missouri
When Nina, 85, decided her home required too much upkeep, she moved into a local senior living community. She never expected that just a few weeks later she would meet her beau Phil, 81. What started as a friendship quickly bloomed into love, and the two will be married among fellow Lakeview Park residents and staff this May.


Beverly and JohnBeverly & John

She caught his eye while modeling in the Highland Estates senior fashion show
Beverly first caught John’s eye when she modeled in Highland Estates’ senior fashion show. Beverly was, in turn, wooed by John’s sincere smile and dedication to his church. The two started taking daytrips together, and their affection for one another grew with each long drive around the city of Cedar Park. Beverly and John have now been together for a year and are going strong!


Fran & John

A city boy and a farm girl find love at Edgewood Downs in Beaverton, Oregon
John, a 90-year-old city boy from San Francisco, met Fran, an 82-year-old farm girl from Iowa, when she bluntly asked what his name was while waiting for the elevator. This moment was the start of a beautiful senior romance; the two began dining together and have been inseparable ever since.


Judy and AsherJudy & Asher

Cupid strikes when you least expect it at Edgewood Downs
Neither 72-year-old Judy nor 80-year-old Asher expected to find their sweethearts when they each decided to move to the local independent senior living community. However, Cupid had other plans. After sharing their first dance at Edgewood Downs’ Valentine’s Day Celebration in 2014, these two lovebirds will celebrate their one-year date-anniversary on Saturday.


Jim and DinaDina & Jim

True love strikes at Madrona Hills in Salem, Oregon
Jim, 73, moved into Madrona Hills and was depressed after losing his wife; then Jim met Dina, a spry 79-year-old fellow resident, on a bus trip and his spirits were lifted. The two say they have found true love and enjoy spending time together dancing, shopping, and going to the Elks Club.



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While being “young and in love” is something many people yearn for, there is something to be said for the growing number of seniors who are finding love years after they originally thought it was no longer in their life plan. As lifespans lengthen and seniors stay active longer, senior romances continue to have more opportunity to bloom in senior living communities across the U.S.

Learn more about the Valentine’s Day couples at

“When many of our residents decide to move into a senior living community, it’s often after the loss of a spouse, and many believe they’ll never find love again,” said Jamison Gosselin, vice president of marketing, communications, and resident enrichment for Holiday Retirement, a provider of more than 300 senior living communities.

“In our communities, seniors today are much more active than they have been in the past. We find that after spending mealtimes together, socializing with neighbors, and participating in a whirlwind of daily activities, our residents are quick to make new friends, and some even find romance.”

Looking for a little advice on love and relationships this Valentine’s Day from those who have seen it all? Seniors – centenarians, specifically – shared their advice on love, relationships, and marriage in a recent report, “100 Years of Wisdom: The Perspective of Centenarians.” Request a copy today at

Holiday Retirement Describes Itself:
Since 1971, Holiday Retirement has endeavored to provide its signature “Holiday Touch” to residents and their families. Today, Holiday is a trusted name in senior living and provides security, comfort, and value to independent seniors seeking a fulfilling lifestyle. Holiday, based in Lake Oswego, Ore., operates more than 300 retirement communities, making it the second largest senior housing operator in the United States. For more information about Holiday Retirement, please call 800-322-0999 or visit

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