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Keeping Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers Informed with Daily News on the Web Since 1999

The leading source of news for America's senior citizens., online since 1999, is the leading source of daily news and information on the Web for senior citizens and baby boomers.

Tucker Sutherland, publisher & editor, SeniorJournal.comThe website was created by Tucker Sutherland, a journalist and publishing entrepreneur, who after serving as president for newspaper operations for the New York Stock Exchange listed Harte-Hanks Communications, went on to create Sutherland Media, Sutherland Advertising and PR and New Tech Media. Sutherland has served the Texas Daily Newspaper Association (president), American Newspaper Publisher's Association, Southern Newspaper Publisher's Association, Online News Association and many civic organizations.

He is a 1960 graduate of Texas A&M University, where he served as editor of the Texas A&M Review and on staff of the campus daily newspaper, The Battalion. He was president of the Student Council for the School of Arts and Sciences and later as a graduate was the founding president of the College of Liberal Arts Development Council.


The father of four, grandfather to 13 and great-grandfather to one has been married for over 56 years to the former Carole Sparks of Alice, Texas. She is a realtor with the Phyllis-Browning Company in San Antonio.

He is also an Eagle Scout, former Scoutmaster and served in other leadership positions in Scouting. He served six years in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. He has been a competitive tennis players since boyhood and frequently ranked in his age group in Texas and the nation.

Pioneer in New Media

What we know today as "online" communications, began in the 1970s with the launch in London of an interactive two-way digital communications system, named Viewdata - later changed to Prestel. Sutherland was responsible for the development of the only U.S. site used in the testing and development of this new form of digital mass communications.

The United Kingdom’s General Post Office (later British Telecom) had, since the 1960s, been researching a videotext system that would allow two-way communications to appear on a television screen and use a telephone line for the interactive link into the consumer’s home. It was the true beginning of today’s online digital service.

As the British decided to move forward with Viewdata in the 1970s, Harte-Hanks Communications choose to become an information provider and picked Sutherland to head this effort.

Sutherland decided to create a site for the British audience named Visit the USA. A graduate student skilled with graphics on an Apple 2 computer was hired to build the site.

The Apple screen would accommodate only six pixels per inch. It wasn’t until Apple introduced the McIntosh that computers went to 72 pixels per inch. It can be in the hundreds today.

Sutherland and Harte-Hanks abandoned the British test, convinced this form of communications was not going to succeed until computers were widely used in U.S. homes. He continued to take a national leadership roll for the newspaper industry in investigating and researching this new means of communications. He helped write the booklet about this new industry for the Bureau of Advertising, an organization for U.S. daily newspapers, and was a frequent speaker on the subject at gatherings of newspaper publishers.

In 1999, Sutherland's widowed mother was diagnosed as have early Alzheimer's disease. His personal investigation of what was available to meet her needs, led him to decide there were millions of senior citizens and caregivers in the U.S. facing the same challenge. It was an easy step to determine that a Web site could be the ideal communications vehicle to serve this need. was launched in December of 1999 as a part of Sutherland's New Tech Media, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.



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